Jo and time

Sunday, March 05, 2006




By Andre pierre jocelyn


Click, click

Is this an idea? Is this a spirit?

Say me why I live?

Say me why I create?

Wouldn't this be quite simply a search for eternity?

A large respect with this science mother, the Communication which creates
love and friendship.


We approach the life with, anchored in us, the "search for eternity".

This need to prove our existence results in the desire to leave with the
posterity a trace, a tangible property, a moral richness.

The facility, ignorance involve a research of eternity, with through
impressed in the matter. This will result in acts egoistic, useless,
sometimes cruel. This matter is however well little of thing because in
perpetual change. How to write on sand which is permanently altered by the

Thus, research of eternity is done by the means of the thought. This
thought can be translated in various forms, and uses all our means of
communication (simpler to most advanced: the gestural one with inductt).
Under another aspect, the characteristic of man, an aspect which
grows us, is the search for of eternity through the research of knowledge.
This research can take three aspects, science, art, the search for
an absolute called God or conscience. These three aspects have the same
goal, only the advance varies; sometimes they cross. Thus it is not rare
that people express their faith through art with their songs or their
paintings, or use sciences to create works of art, it is not rare to meet
men that their faith engaged in humane combat.

Thus we are well in a dependent whole rising without end, in a swirl with
the faith which pushes the science, the science which pushes art, the art
which pushes the faith.

Primary causes presented (primary cause: research of eternity), let
us develop the laws of the "Applications in the search of
connaissances(recherche of the firsrt principle)".

It is not question here of the search for God or of Art, bus I am the
feeling that others already did it in a more relevant way.

In order to define the applicability well, let us recall that we speak
about science in general, and not of a particular science, accompanied by
its own logic like the statistics, or by the other science using its own
mathematics like the algèbre or the geometry.

The science which interests us, was quoted by Montaigne "the friendship
nourishes communication", this science which allows all other sciences and
to even recognize oneself, this science, whose first principle, was given
by Bossuet.

Thus, us already to describe here the first principle of the first
principle, this principle is also the first principle of the reasoning.

It allows the communication with oneself, it allows the communication with
the others. This first principle which gives only one direction under the
beginning with the end of an reflexion to keep any coherence and to avoid
any fraud.

If we must quote an induction of this science, we would think of the
algorithms of the language, more known under the name of grammar.

If we must quote a direct application of this science, we would name the
dictionary which grants a definition, in a field of definition and its
limits in each term.

Thus, us here thus in the presence of a science which will be able to
manage information, feelings. This science is endowed with several tools.
One of most remarkable is the setting in memory, a memory which can be
individual or collective, which can find many supports and of the forms.
In spite of the importance of this tool, we should not forget for as much
many other sciences - other tools which are offered to us.

This science is called "communication".

All these miseries are only beliefs,

True misfortune is our ignorance.

The belief is thus made,

Mislaid it carries out our defeat

In the abysses of a life of regrets

Of the hell we are the toy.

But when in the friendship

Involve you all your thoughts

You create the voice, the newspaper

You create the ideal unceasingly

But when with love

you are given without turning

Of the eternity for always

Each moment will be your day.

Time present

By far, it is missed.

Of near, it is lost.

The life is lived at the time,

Benefit from each moment!

You live at the present,

Your thoughts flower

And ignite.

Will you are!

Human wonder,

You hold it in the hand,

Think and creates,

Because an idea which does not evolve/move

Is an idea which dies.

The nation which is born

God, of a soft movement,

Of its purer idea,

Drew from mud,

A being of thoughts.

It made the man,

In time,

In a gesture like

It orders with the winds.

It insufflated in this man a heart

To show him firmament,

And gleams of its flame

To rise infinitely.

It put the feelings at it

Pleasure, love, joy,

Happiness, and appeasing.

Obeying the same law.

The flash of our origin,

The FIT the man rainbow

Blue so that the azure imagines,

Yellow for the softness of honey.

Indigo for its tenderness,

Eraser of any anger

It appears to the man, without mass,

To be God, moment the one era.

It decorated thoughts these bodies

If fragile of mankind,

Shared and strong thoughts

Of a serene dream.

Thoughts which accelerate,

Eternity of each moment.

Ideas which are released,

For the glory of the moment.

The matter is little of thing,

We cannot be morose

The idea given, the seed which germinates in others

Can offer the most beautiful flowers of the life to us.

To share this idea with you

Create two sources of ideas.

This entity with the new laws

it is the Family which is done.

To share this knowledge with you

Is the beginning of our company.

A size, a cloud, it is us;

And here, the Nation which is born.

Having created the thought, sublimates it,

God decided to contemplate his work,

All in top of the summits.

It left the free operations

Of a dark corner, the Malignant one, of a cheap reason,

Susurra treacherously of other thoughts.

That of the zero and the comparison

While imposing on the conditioned spirit.

Thus the company developed,

Without knowing why,

Far from raised God,

Replaced by kings.


When top of azure

The pilot with spirit pure

Realized that a cruel destiny

In the engine a brake had put

It left its pocket close to ON

A collection of poems; without fear

With its passengers, it quoted most beautiful towards

That the writers had offered to us.

In the apparatus carried by the wings,

The spirits flew away without similar

All were carried per so many wonders

They had arrived at the eternal.

The awakening is to know to benefit from the moment,

Even if this one has the aspect of the last moment.

Death is the acceptance of a solidified thought,

Death is only the fact of no more knowing to dream.


With those which think that the body is a goal,

That they remember that the matter

Is in perpetual change,

That it belonged to others front

And that it will still belong to others.

Like the most invaluable memories,

Men leaves ideas which survive,

What remains is to us environment that we created.

If the idea is to believe to impose,

If the idea is to condition

Behind a title to reassure itself,

Poor fellow that here! In fact,

No one does not lie to its conscience, nor with the sky.

In a despair, the stray heart can veil it

Forgetting that the first meurtri, it is it.

To veil how?

While car conditioning itself.

To veil how?

While letting itself flatter.

The thought is personal, and in a word as into hundred,

No one cannot impose it to us,

The flattering ones steal our lives.

They are only illusion

The time granted to these poisons of flatteries,

Represent our destruction.

The time given to the flattering ones

Is stray for what one will not know any more,

The moment diverted by these jokers,

Is stray for those which one will not know,

Time solidified anything to create.

Used differently, this time is so invaluable:

Each second is an eternity,

A chance to start again,

Each second can start a new life,

Or to even accelerate old,

In unsuspected pleasures.

With you my friend, my brother,

Each time the madness pushes you to waste your time to go to seek this
centime beyond our borders.

This centime which it is not necessary to the wellbeing of your body.

This centime which does not bring anything to comfort of hold,

This centime which steals you the moment and which consumes your life,

These so invaluable seconds of life are as many crescendos given up for
you and hold them.

These seconds are as many joys and of lost experiments, devoted to a
sterile thing.

Benefit from the moment my brother! Enjoyed those which you like and time


Madness to believe that with God we can negotiate, that would make him
lose by same the its character of absolute. Or God is all the time or so much
worse. Useless to believe that it that in only one place, useless does not
to believe that it appears only with only one moment, useless to believe in
all these drifts to the hope. We can believe that God exists, but in this
case it is at every moment, it hears the thoughts. Useless to believe that
it is possible to practise ignorance and the cruelty which accompanies while thinking of being able to beseech a forgiveness. Each
moment has its importance and no future do not erase the fault for those which
believe. For the others it their remainder always the conscience which
does not make forgiveness.


Nostradamus was right, here the end of a civilization.

The monsters are released, more reason!

It is not any more the age of the servants, it is the age of the

All religions,

All policies, sound our destruction

When the courtiers impose their illusions.

Will killed by television,

Was the last rampart and protected our reason.

It is the defect of reasoning installed

Apology of bestiality,

Who does not allow us

More, to analyze what is:

Servant, will,

Recognition of each object.

To know to create, know to exist.

Glory of our thought!


Cruelty, it is to believe without thinking, cruelty, it is to
accept without reasoning.

Cruelty is a conditioned river developing of the human robots
retorting itself - cruel concepts of royalty, concepts of money or
titles, this idea imposes its own prison.

Cruelty is to be right always and to present pretexts at its own

Cruelty is to lie themselves to oneself by a car conditioning, to
close the eyes, to accept this company without taking part in it,
trusting an idea without analyzing it under pretext that another
already reasoned.

Cruelty, it is to forget that we are gifted men of thoughts, and to
accept an order out raison.

Cruelty, it is to accept the personal interest against the collective

Cruelty, it is to exist without thinking, because the contagion is
spread on weakest.

Each time you hammer, that you impose an idea which cannot be divided,
here you is cruel and victim; each time you propose and that you
create, released here you is.


Raised me here,

I learned how to walk,

To see what was not,

To reason, girl of the thought.

Then came one day when I learned

To respect deaths; not those which destroyed Because these forget.
Those which created,

All these thoughts which made it possible my world to exist.

All those which imposed

Died for a long time, because the memory drives out cruelty

To release itself some.

Immortal thoughts of the servants of ideas,

Wills and beliefs in humanity

Are present forever

In our hearts and our thoughts.

The step leaves the place to the thought

To open the gilded window to you

Of a light whiter than the flash.

And you evaporate in the airs,

Thus floating here you is apparent

And no one does not ignore you, because radiant cloud,

You are in their zenith,

In their blood, they t'en give the merit.

The infinite one exceeded,

Absolute you are

Palate, quoted erodes and is exhausted

Carrying their myths.

God divides you the idea

And a beautiful friendship

To trust of being able to accompany you

On this communiée thought.

Never dictate,

You would kill your eternity!

That your breath proposes and divides,

Thus you will be for eternity wise.

One evening, I met my ancestors.

My ancestors appeared to me in a soft round, and each one carried out
its mission. The first contact was present to indicate the benevolence
to me, then came time from education. Thus they asked me to join the
horizon, thing which I tried to make, but very quickly I realized that
I turned in round. The horizon is always far and this concept belongs
to a system which car discusses. After the time of the reflexion, they
continued using a purer continuation and held more of the shiver than
words. Not the shiver of fear, but the shiver due to this heat which
heats you by alleviating you the spirit.

They said to me "You live, you think and rises in you this faith, this
belief which tears off you with the laws, in heavinesses of a misery.
Your will creates these moments of life and so much better if they are
divided for better accelerating! The dawn is of each moment, the light
attracts us and dazzles us, null eyelid cannot protect you from this
life of flights. Your cry is your life, do not lose your voice, on
what is not! Your pain is our pain, your joy is our joy, without us
you do not exist, remains with us! "

These immortal in front of my eyes, invited me to join them.

Then the bases, the thought which links, was approached, certain call
it the respect of the tradition, but this one was presented to me just
like an average material which made it possible to my people to last.

My blood remembers, the memory of my genes returns in unison. At this
point in time a person presented herself. She radiated clearness,
which at the beginning made that I had not noticed that she was
equipped with haillons. She says to me: "I died for you. I died in a
ditch, surrounded by horse guards. Also, never lets itself make,
defend your right and your reason! Keep the proud head, do not admit
any false reason, no one cannot touch your people! "

The insult is to try to make believe that there is something of
superior to our traditions, with our eternity "a priest appeared to
me, and says to me: "I died for you. I died for you, because I kept
the pure religion to you "Another person appeared and says to me: "I
died for you; the steps which go from the village until the beach, I
made of it a part and that cost me the life "And thus it was a
procession which took almost all the night. With the end a question
was asked to me: And you, are you ready to die for us? I answered: "I
am ready to die for you, me, for us, because the day or I will fail, I
will not be any more and will lose eternity consequently".

At this time there, I felt like a veil, not the veil which masks, but
the veil which protects from the black which plugs. A particular veil,
a phosphorescent veil which lights, it was an awakening of the new
state in which I was. It was tell to me: "You cannot fall any more".

At this point in time appeared to me humanity, its joys, its
happinesses, its sizes, its lives, my lives, was to us one, and one
was us. Us and its laws which carry the means to the extase, rainbow
of the nuances which fill the sky with its frequencies, marrying the
harmony of the thoughts. It is not balance, it is not the medium
between two limits, it is attraction, the center, the heart of comet,
which carries out the life. A soft will, which coats to you and
retains you, distant from all the chasms; its only presence justifies
its existence. The words are to be invented to describe the state, but
still it is to know to slip without clash, to push thoughts which
engage happiness, knowledge to create without destroying, knowing to
build without rectifying, just consolidating good with dimensions.
This law which makes that each moment is a happiness. This law is the
action, the action taken with will, will to create, to create with
respect, respect of what is, and it is us, we grow, to grow it is the
action without destroying.

They said to me: "the reason is guide of any thing, the directions
mislead us, the reason carries out us. The matter appears to us
through the reason. Keep the opened reason, not to deceive you!
Develop your ideas but never forgets to listen to with benevolence the
other methods presented, because no one does not know if not that it
does not know large thing. The idea first by the instinct is to
capitalize, it is a right, but is quickly replaced by the research of
the eternity which induces the social direction, a stronger right and
which appears always even if it is denounced. Moreover, it is
denounced when it is badly applied. Also always base analyzes towards
the flight, because we will retain only what rose. Start by having a
glance in report/ratio with your personal interests, make it tower of
the question in all the forms and means which are. Once this made,
take again the reasoning compared to your family, and analyzes again.
Guards preciously conclusions. Still return to the reason and analyzes
again compared to your village. Your eternity grows. That is not
enough yet, analyzes compared to your humanity, you will tend towards
eternity without cruelty. Do not fall into misery to believe that
there is only one form of thoughts! You would come from there to
forget what you are, lost in a prison labyrinth of erroneous
convictions. You would deprive yourself of a multitude of means which
allow you to exist, you would be only one object, a robot with the
planned task. Avoid the people with the key ideas, which analyze all
with only one way of thinking, they are truths pauper of our company.
They manage from there to forget that they are men and marginalisent
all that is apart from their prisons. Softness is our force, child of
the reason, without imposing you here ready to listen to the universal
laws. First the idea introduces you which, plus it is considered, plus
it is profitable, thus the idea attracts the ideas, as the ground
remains close to its sun, an attraction which carries out the man,
body and thought, allows us the flights. The Man attracts the Man, the
ideas attract the ideas, here the beginning of our company. Even the
celestial mechanics shows us the example with firmament. The second
law is the miracle of the life, because the phenomenon creates,
maintains and accelerates a new phenomenon, like the step of a river,
this infinite swirl at the speed, our thought ad infinitum creates,
maintains and accelerates new thoughts. Applied to our company, don't
you see this breath, this wind who carries you beyond? However, we are
always there.

The third law allows the recognition of the fields of definitions and
thus the reasoning; each thing is analysable only compared to itself
in its field of definition. That appeared impossible to me, it was
necessary for me reference marks, a fastener like the zero, a standard
to measure.

They asked me my age, I answered them: "forty years", they asked me
how I lived this particular age, I answered: "as well as possible",
and they said to me that my age is well, and it is always well, if one
emphasizes it, because we measure our age using that of the moment. A
ten year old child sees himself through eyes of a ten year old child,
man a 18 year old sees himself through the eyes of a 18 year old man.

It said to me: Your time is individual, but you can perceive it
differently, it is the characteristic of the time of the moment.

But time can be also collective, it is the time of the appointments,
it is social time. They said to me: "Now, if you included/understood
these two times well that one should not mix, we will indicate the
secrecy of happiness to you". I answered: "It is already done! You
gave me eternity ". The answer was "to want is not to be able". I
protested: "I am, we are", they said to me then: "Since we are, does
not remain so far". "How? ", I asked.

They answered me: "the third time it of infinite, it is the time of
the event, each beginning of experiment leaves ad infinitum, did you
is the time forget your thunderbolt? Your first school re-entry? Your
first go? Before balance, each event starts ad infinitum, and you must
start again of them some which are advantageous for you.

The fourth law, was presented to me as follows: "Since all the rivers
go to the sea, carries out holds it so that it runs out in a soft

It is the manner, your control, your attitude, your behavior which
imports, can remain worthy and proud, never not to carry wrong to
others, all that avoids is cruel, no obstacle attacks which the chance
will have provided you! Learns how to share the life.

See the interferences, light or matter, is always found at the same
point! See the writings of the philosophers on the almost stopped
subjects, which put all agreement, because arrived close to the truth,
they are always at the same point; the difference lies in the way
borrowed to reach that point.

Fifth law is girl induced of second law, that they are constructions
or thoughts which are created, does not forget that these new
buildings, do not answer the laws of the objects which created them.
As your thought associates words the particular laws, the sentences
have new laws, and the laws of the words apply only to the words; just
as of the laws bind the matter grains, and it is the attraction of the
Earth which creates gravity obeying other laws of the matter; still
the sounds have their own laws, but associated the melody appears with
new laws as the harmony and the rate/rhythm. You as, knows as the laws
of your particular thoughts are not there for eternity, works to join
us, to make them evolve to us and our laws, because we are not that to
half, you spent thirty years, we await you, does not delay!

The song is prettier as a choral society, our hearts in unison, the
church is built, with you to really join us.

And they finished by the faith.


The post-office employee met his feastday

When Clorinde smiles to him

And it is thus great-grandfather

And great-grandmother

Linked themselves

All in top of the peaks.

Top of these nineteen years

Of marriage, it was not question

It deserved abduction

In the respect of the virtue and tradition

Which great crime for the convent

Who deprived them of host for a life

Because you will honour your parents

Be not combined with removal described

Which are the grasses of the maquis?

Who made the mules wise,

Who allow me to be here,

Who made await letters and images.

I just this answers you,

The spirit does not have an age,

Forget all, if you come from Paris,

Because the love is not put out of cage.


Do ré mi fa sol la si do

It the rhythm should be created

If you want to go up very high,

And to create your anthem.

Before wanting to couple them

The first notes are given to you

Pure like the blued sky

In the few words afterwards.

Future you will retain

A named science probability

And without gene you will forget

Algebra and all its derivative.

Machines you will respect

The Boolean language

And of his base you will not have

The choice which enters two links.

Forms you will not recognize

That geometry to explain them

Thus it goes without saying it will be necessary for you

Units to show it.

Language you will develop

Grammar with excess

Because no one will understood

Without its algorithms and its benefits.

Physical sciences, you will be able

To retain if you believe capacity to create

A deadened exponential base which will bring to you

An hypothesis to be tested.

Algebra you will retain

That it makes it possible to count the sheep

By thus limiting it, you will make

That no one conditions, as some do it.

Thought, you will notice

That it has the capacity to remain forever.

That this mathematics

is much more complex than all those quoted.

The teacher

A quoted city, one dead district

By the society forgotten

had an old lady on its board

Who gave much.

The evening, its time was granted,

Building the spirit, accompanying the idea.

Patience, softness, and goodwill

Were granted to the child who was.

A table, a small kitchen,

And the melody started

An alleviating voice and a simple mine

The universe opened.

Thus true mathematics

Were presented,

Those which make it possible to discuss

That which makes it possible not to mislead.

Why this society forgets

The art of English, art to communicate,

The art of communier? To keep thus

That an algebra, a stray selection.

Oh, mathematician of genius

Much more than grammar

You knew to give a spirit

More than one to know, a desire for knowing to make.

Mathematics they had very understood

Thus this grammar carried

Throughout a life

In them you were registered forever.

Your breath is the wind

Eternity you gained

You knew to create time

Your patience is rewarded.

First Naturel Rights

I put the step on this surface,

I work it sweating water and blood

Because the capital of my efforts

Determine the fate

Of my wife of my children

I take possession of this ground

Belief in a natural right first

Who satisfies urgently

Preventing from thinking

With the search for eternity.

This search of eternity,

Right natural first,

With the developed social direction

Create our villages and our cities.

Thus always the made man,

Obstine in one of the two ideas

Without finding balance

Who will give him the good live.

Ignorance makes it so weak

That it manages to only foresee

The law of happiness is that

Who joins together the two thoughts.

The thought spreading its wings

Fly away the two more beautiful ideas

When it joins together them beyond the tangible properties,

And indicates to us the natural right.

It was there

A professor, an idea, street of the morning,

It was there, to show the way to us.

Its knowledge lit us of his fruit.

Paining the day, studying the night,

I retained only on one stable state

Time did not have any effect, and sands

Could run out well in the sand glass.

That a caused action, started

A reaction, a variation,

Whose time is the form of the evolution.

Thus, more time lasted,

More it was necessary some,

To obtain the same action.

Until this one in the peregrinations,

That is to say immense at the beginning, until not having almost more

Of effect to our perception. Time, this dormouse,

Run out, at the end of the reaction,

Without making any modification

Observable. The reaction is not finished,

But time does not have any more an action on this one.

Individual time

It is there, it is presented,

Majestic in front of this incipient life,

The man holding his time in the hand

Shout with the skies, the Gods, his hunger.

It thunders: "I am there, I exist in

My own time! "

And receives in answer violently given

A snap on its stripped buttocks.

These moments first,

Space immortality

In the name of an ignorance are stolen for him

Or in the name of a false idea.

A developed cruelty

By a repetition, wanting to affirm its inferiority.

This so young body, as a bomb

Is ready to explode,

To steal its time is to lock up it in tomb!

Its first moments are of any beauty,

To let flee in another world, would be to sacrifice it.

Oh, wise! Your hour is the slow rhythm

Of your life, different is the rhythm of the children.

Respect his which is still ad infinitum,

The breath haletant it is the breath of life

It explodes and extends

To benefit fully from its time.

Then time is shortened, narrows and

The life will be given the responsability to bring back it

Its law; it is the batch of individual time

The more it lasts, more it is short, and cruel!

Blow of time

The breath materializes and carries you

With the liking of the sanded winds

Of a sea of










Ideal and reality

"Moïse for the furnace bridge sought a sanctuary;

God known as: "One needs two of them"; and in the sanctuary

Oliab with Béliséel led.

One carved the ideal and the other reality "*

Thus, I wandered in the desert,

Since thousand years in the search of a ground.

When God opened the chain

Time, indicating the healthy heart.

The shared ideal,

Reality confirmed to us,

This time the easily deceived ones which rebelled.

But the priests of nothing forced to hide.

* The accelerator, impulse, is of Victor Hugo

Time in stick

Sat some share, I do not know where,

The man took the stick

And planted it on the ground. It declared to him:

You are my reference mark, speaks to me,

Say to me where I am! "Thus,

Our concept of time was born.

This stick, it named it gnomon.

It was perhaps yesterday, or

A long time ago, the shade of the stick

The destiny of humanity fixed.

I turn, I transfer, an increase

Deeper leaves and ignites,

I do not want any more a this stick!

The harmonic of my heart,

Reject this object of its rays.

The waves break at the rhythm

Their desires while the meter

Measure space between the peaks.

One is a life, the other a positioning.

Let us not forget, the Greeks said: "Ca moves,

Thus that saw "Some laughed beginning again

This "naive" manner to speak about time

Who of course is one of the symbols of the life

But is not therefore the equivalent.

Of course, without movement, time, not of life. But this word, this life,
has another direction in what we included/understood. Is it necessary to
disallow the proposal for as much?

Not, because this one takes all its force, all its significance according
to the science in which we place ourselves.

Pretty time

Pretty time Sir, pretty

Time Madam! This time that I appreciate.

This time discovers and innovates, this

Is our first time here.

Hold, you here, our second time,

You are nothing any more but half of the first, without

To await the third and its third more,

Do not even think of the forty-fourth where I am since yesterday!

Measure time

One of the characteristics of the man is his memory and its language to
transmit it. Thus, of a thought, represented into idea, this distance
ancestor transmitted his eternity to me. Another of the characteristics of
the man is always to have sought to understand so as to adapt its
environment. From this of many tools were born and evolved. There however
remains still a zone which is always analyzed using the tools first, it is
time; this variation which represents the change, the movement.

In the old cultures, time was cyclic. Linear time comes us from a
particular physical phenomenon. Wouldn't it be time, to revise the form of
time? Can the eternity of a beginning until the death of a repetition, be
measured using a unit time left another reference mark? Don't these stable
phenomena, on which time does not have any effect, have their own
particular time, if discrete that no variation appears to us?

It should be believed that astronomy seized our time by imposing a unit
time everywhere whereas it was not always necessary, and that in fact,
each one its time, each one its life, even if both are divided until
intoxication, that does nothing but create one new common time, a new


Squatted here in the shade,

No one does not see it, motionless and sinks,

Time does not have an influence

To reveal its existence.

These impatient youths

Feel their spouting out seed,

Shout: "Why not? ",

And this moment is not already there any more.

Time spouts out perceptible

Running up against the most significant hearts.

It draws our wrinkles and scratches our bodies

Bringing back to us to our right fate.

To benefit from time is to be in the action,

Who is a movement or a reflexion

It is to build the moment eternal,

So as to answer the call.

Thus we exchange the faith against a cheap hope,

We kill our eternity to gain into futile.

Time is not an imposed image,

It is a reflexion, an enjoyed idea.

In the name of the flavours, by the north wind carried,

In the name of arts by nature shown.

We create the pleasure of the moment, to divide

We create the action, in the duration.

The time of the event

I saw the sea breaking, the wind

To flee in front of the lightning the prosecutor.

Even the oisillon frail breeze its shell,

And me, I should remain out of grid?

I saw the fox corroding his leg,

Taken in the trap, the ant

To waver under an imposing loading

And I should accept your measurement of time?

I saw the time of before the beginning,

The time of nonthe change.

Far from what is learned to us, this time,

With its own operation.

I saw to want to measure it

With the current manner is foolish

Beautiful variation, time takes

All its value at the beginning.

I saw that it explodes ad infinitum.

Its beginnings are its glory, its desire

It appears at the dawn of each event,

Latent with the past, living at the present.

I saw that it is transformed

When it awakes Morphée,

Then, the value of time

Takes a confusing rise.

I saw time to light us,

Then like punishment struck,

for so much of ostentation,

To decelerate, provocant contrast.

I saw laying down it star of the day

To dazzle, illuminate Adour

Then clearness, then half-light

Where the wave was not distinguished any more, dark.

I thus saw time to decrease

until dissimulating its existence,

Letting to us think of immortality

According to and before the time of the event.

I saw that out the exponential return.

Time is only one dormouse without love.

To seek the unit in a variation

Amounts weighing using one standard metre

y = k(1-exp(-t/jo)) footbridge, if it is. y is the curve of time, the
, et k is the tangential value of the new state of

jo is the identity suitable for the studied system.

Thus are on only one dimension Réunis phenomenon and time for the infinite

It said

It said: "the man, it is the verb." He is not there any more, however
this day, I think, I write and I say: "the man it is the verb". There is
not a cause first with our actions? Isn't this because we put a word on
each thing which we became human? An escape of this perception of this
zero illusory? A search for eternity through others?

Pour l’individu,

Which is the natural right first?

Which is this
inalienable right which carries out our lives?

Is this the property
which makes it possible to benefit from the fruit of our work?

Or is this the search
for eternity?

Both are true, both are
large, but which is the first?

Applied to a company,
the right to the property placed beyond necessary does not seek T-it not
to impose, a cruel manner to obtain eternity? Below necessary, isn't the
search for eternity a manner of private this body, to commit suicide?

From an individual point
of view, cruel destiny, which binds matter and spirit forever, because one
without the other disappears.

From a social point of
view, splendid destiny which makes it possible the spirit to exist forever.

From there the question,

When let us be us?

The man who was born,
which A grows, and which died in a cave before enclosing it, really

The man who has us
nothing left really existed?

The man who was born
strong a long time ago and which left so many benefits, the man about of
which everyone still speaks, is still alive?

Doesn't a loved relative
disappeared draw us a tear?

A tear of the joy to
have known it, a tear given to the existence. To thus recognize isn't its
presence in our thought, already to honour eternity?

Cloud of time

On right-hand side, on the left, that depends

Season, or wind

As carried by a cloud

This child who was to be wise

Near time rested

Call was inspired

To become poet and make dream

To become philosophical and make think

To become scientist and invent

To become artist and create

In these selected moments

The imaginary one of today

the reality of tomorrow allows,

Our common destiny builds.


Water, time, pierre

My motor bike under ivy

A butterfly named Psyché

I was pleased to meet.

The spirit with the wind, always ready,

This butterfly I asked

To say to me what was crowned :

Is this the moon? This is the sword?

Is this the flavour of the flowers?

Is this a song of choral society in heart?

Is this human heat?

Is this the softness of a hand?

Which are our sizes?

Is this the purity of our moods?

Is this dignity? Is this decency?

Is this the patience which makes our happiness?

Is this our dashes, and our engagements?

Is this the sky and infinitely?

Say to me what makes us live?

What pushes us and us euphoria?

Say to me who speaks with the sheets?

Who carries out the waves, which lights this eye?

Say to me why the world is large

Or very small according to people?

Describe to me the moment when God separates

The abyss of the hope to become a star?

Where one is ready to be entirely given

To go to touch firmament?

It tightened me against it, affectionate,

It was naked, and answered me: it is the kiss!

The kiss is the key. Initially carnal,

It ignites to bring the sky to us.

The love is built in two times,

It is an art which mixes more than our bloods.

The heart to take, cannot any more but give,

Such an amount of brings to two this unit

Who of the lover, this angel,

To understand becomes archangel.

The body badine and stops

Of a not very high level, but the spirit ready

What cannot be named,

Something which leads us to the tops.

Constraint of the division, the love brings

The light on brooded, of such kind

That star becomes the nest

Illuminant the infinite one.

The hope

It was perhaps yesterday, it was perhaps tomorrow

In times when God had not still made conceal

All Titans, Shiva, Thor, and Vulcan,

Those which dictate under pretext of dreams.

Fact of concealing the men admirers of money

Or developing doubtful concepts imposing

A heavy load with the majority of people.

In these times, the legend was born rising

Until Zeus which took it again and was susurrée to us by part.

Divine breath azure carrying the continuation,

Rising with firmament, radiant until our spirits,

Our ears were informed by it.

The legend is addressed to those which leave

In the black morning, without the star light,

Their way clears up, and which carries

The evening, on their shoulders, of return to the thatched cottage.

The legend says to us that the rhythm of the life

Is the beat of our emotions, our loves,

But not a turning star, even if

this one plays with our light and our days.

By close it is missed, by far it is lost.

The life is lived at the time, benefits from each moment!

These significant things, guards in sight,

This zephyr which brings art to you to travel in time!

In revenge, Zeus at the top of its cloud

Offered the hope sealed by the promise made to Prométhée.

The box gave to that which was to be wise,

Pandora - half of Épiméthée.

The beauty by granted Aphrodite,

Released the dangers.

The man seeking to protect itself

Was locked up in limps with the absolute evil which had remained there.

Snake, you killed us with your scandalmonger!

We are not any more, in the hope to be tomorrow.

All dignities and moments are lost

Granted to this cruel destiny,

Who leaves the games of chance decide

Future of the man. Forgetting today,

To create a world without a future, and

Forgetting that without present a life is without future, the night.

Without size the day loses its utility.

The evening is made to be found with the hearth.

Young people with the parents, large with the children, and

Our only richness are our loves and our friendships,

Not question of being made them fly by promises,

Even if Zeus uses our weaknesses! To enjoy the day

Us the love brings. To build each moment with generosity,

Us lights, grows us and takes the way of Adour.

Time present is enjoyed has the awakening

From one day in the sun heart

Merry act fills its wonders

Until the evening it remains without similar.

Lie and madness are hopes.

Happiness collects at the moment

And is not reflection of what is to only believe.

It is necessary to know to gather the moments.

The life is not lived with the past

Nor even in waiting of a heart flower.

The life is built at the present and

Comet we become attracting the star sister.

This text is the continuation of the preceding text. The purpose of it is
to differentiate the concepts of absolute like God, the Love, and the
passive beliefs associated the hope.

The faith is not negotiated, the faith is an individual act, even if it
can be expressed jointly. The size of a faith is that it does not make
distinction between men and women thus gathering all the hearts of the

For a servant of God, each day is blessed. This blessing makes him become
aware of the value of each day. Very strong, this design of the time
present which finds in the man of faith makes him benefit from each moment
and to consider hope-makes an attempt it of a result like doubtful, since
God at every moment gives him already many things!

The hope is ignorance, that which maintains the people in obedience and
the tender. To preach the hope, it is to preach ignorance and to poison
the spirits in order to imprison them in a blind faith where they are
dependent on the system in place.


We can think that according to the technique used to build a reasoning
we will encounter some difficulties of application. These difficulties can
generate confusion. We do not speak here about the direction of the terms
or about the respect of the laws of mathematics of the language, we speak
about field of definition and limits.

Thus the negligence pushes us to believe that if a system is good some
share, it is good everywhere.

This aspect is the search for a simplification bienfaitrice, enabling us
to automate the thoughts and the acts, but unfortunately this is in
disagreement with what we present in this work like the fifth universal
law (each level of construction, matter or thought, has its own laws). A
doubt could have remained if I had not presented the many examples showing
that the laws of globalities are different from the laws of the units
which make it up. In other words, which is true for the private individual
is not it inevitably for the General. In other words still, we can say
that the laws of the conditioned automatisms although useful cannot be
used on a higher level of reflexion.

Here architecture and characteristics different from the mechanisms of the
thought, that I propose to you, according to zones' of our reasoning.

This particular structure has a form equivalent to a rustic olive-tree or
more simply to thyme.

Let us take thyme, because this plant kept its rustic form in our
Mediterranean areas. As for thyme, it is a hidden base which we do not see.
If we observe the vital fluid, we realize that although it can extend
everywhere in the plant, there is only one way which varies according to
individual characteristics'. In other words, the sap follows a main road
and only one way, the sap which leaves this way, will not be able to go
higher. We still notice the rotational shape of this plant, which induces
this so particular final bouquet.

Now the thought, we present realize that his gasoline is quite mysterious,
invisible like the roots of thyme, that its structure is made beliefs (They
are here active beliefs and not the passive beliefs as the hope which
weaken and destroy all constructions). Any attempt at construction of
thought not borrowing the main road will remain on a lower level as for
the sap. We will meet basic science at the place where the trunk (the
thought) widens but is not yet the bouquet; the trunk is the
communication. This communication imposes a common temporal reference mark
to us. As the branches of thyme start in the trunk and then separate,
sciences start in the communication; then, when our brain activates a
particular zone or rather a particular science all the spirit (sap) is
well isolated in this precise science (a precise branch). The limits and
the field of definition are thus defined by the branch or science which we
employ. Each science having its own well delimited zone and its own laws.

Thus we find like sciences,

the study of the future, with its particular philosophy and its
mathematics which is the probabilities,

the science of the relations specific to the forms in space, with its
particular philosophy and its mathematics, the geometry (concepts of the

the science of the tool for exchange of concepts, with its particular
philosophy and its mathematics which is the algorithms of the language,

the science which is the study of the machine language, with its
philosophy and its particular mathematics which is the Boolean language,
and so on…

We can thus say that the communication is the trunk of the reasoning. This
trunk, although it nourishes the bouquet of other sciences, in less
dependent and is not connected to those.

The trunk of the reasoning is the resultant of all these contradictory
laws and will take the form of sciences which nourish it. More than the
matter, we find a direction, a direction, induction. It is a coherence in
the shape of the plant, made up of a dependent whole. To want to study the
plant imposes an approach as a whole. Of this we can say that the
reasoning applies only within the limits of each science studied so as to
avoid the inconsistencies.

As the plant benefits only from reality, the principal trunk of the
reasoning knows only the present. Even if the future is induced, only the
construction of the present exists. The plant is what it is, the past is
finished; useless to think that it could better have been nourished; the
future will be only so today the plant can profit.

In the same way the reasoned thoughts are classified in four levels, which
are integrated into the classification already presented (thought
conditioned like the arc reflex, animal thoughts like the use of the
comparison, and finally the reasoned thoughts).

Roots: the origin, which is not seen but exists,

the trunk: in its low part the communication, its high part sciences which
are born and separate,

branches: sciences, each branch represents a particular science having its
own laws and its own logic,

ramifications: A ramification is a science developed on another science,
this induces characteristics exit of the orientation, science, feeder
branch, we can even find ramification of ramification, making the analysis
even more specific.

It thus appears essential to specify the field of definition and the
limits of each reasoning; one never should be mistaken in science under
penalty of mislaying and thus in destruction.

As the sap which would not circulate any more, one stopped thought is a
died thought, a thought accepted as finished is the acceptance of our
intellectual suicide. Even the thought presented here, would be only
desolation, if each one does not make it evolve/move according to its
needs and its applications.

Without roots or bouquet not of trunk, to forget globality, it is to be


I slip and hidden me

In the opened out root,

Of thousand fertile sources

I benefit from the world.

With the research of the light,

I rise in proud heart

I arrive in the trunk.

Which happiness to enter in communication.

A major desire

Push me and confuses me

In the branches and the ramifications

Sciences which I answer.

As the flower opens with the dawn

The thought can hatch

With the color of the branch which nourishes

With the odor of the science which delighted.

I slacken and opens to me with the life

Thus creating the paradise.

Loan to spread multiple seeds

My seeds of Provence in Aquitaine

Who merry, to feel

All my efforts,

Return to nourish me

and still asks some.

Sand grain

Like a sand grain on the beach

The money, the knowledge are in perpetual movement.

There will remain us, only the love and the friendships.

To give its time, with useless causes, is sign of mislaying.

Sand grain 2

Marine dance, darkens moments

This is your effect, câline, which recalls firmament ?

This is your cat-like heat which supposes modesty ?

Does your life force anything to hide, to remain here?

For you, all, of the ocean to the hearth,

I am neither more, nor less than another,

I promise to you that never I will have idol,

Man, science, or idea; to remain your.

That this goal cherished so much

Would be only the end of our life,

Such an amount of the laws effect would encumber our bed

Because what is is not what produces.

Breath of the life, only the induced movement,

Letting to us appear, man, kindness and all that is followed from there.

To take the goal like way

Us would engage on the bad road and would be our end.

Thus the knowledge of the moment is not vocation

One leads to the superstition, the other with rise

One leads to ignorance, the other with the evolution

One leads to the revolutionary spirit, the other with the spirit of the

Do not mix both my friend,

To declare the evil, by same the product.

Propagate your breath so that the infinite one of yesterday of is finished

And that finished of tomorrow, that is to say of today the infinite one.

Sand grain 3

Dance thought

Because tomorrow

I will have created others of them

Because this is your only morning

Your force is in your weakness

More transitory, more prosperous

While living you gives the jubilations

You are at the same time the father and the mother.

By your presence you the past honours

By your constancy you allows the future to exist

Mathematical or philosophical concepts

The goal of this writing is to present the method of classification
suggested, the contents undoubtedly deserves a thorough work.

First concept approaching the instinct. Some gestures are conditioned and
almost unconscious. No the reflexion, reasoning "with the feeling", the
intuition, the reactions are simple, abrupt, calculations are carried out
on what one has right in front of the eyes. On the simple operations which
effleurent us. No vision in the medium or long term. Short-sighted

Second concept, commercial concept, of exchange, equivalence, barter,
assessments, reports/ratios. Concept moreover, of less, and zero.
Countable or commercial mathematics. Third concept, concept of sets and
harmony, search of regroupings and associations of objects and ideas.
Matric mathematics. Fourth concept, study of the limits ad infinitum,
functions derived, integral. Philosophy which is projected with far in a
system apart from reality bus built on an incoherent tool.

Fifth concept, difficult to define, but it is that which the table of
Carnot uses. This concept is also a little developed of probability. For
ABC = aaa, aab... ccc. For truth, forgery, dubious. For beautiful, ugly,
normal etc. Each new value makes the analysis more complex.

Sixth concept, that of conditioning or unit concept. The concept of
mathematics is brought back to simplest, the unit, and will be represented
by an obsession. This concept applies to a part or mechanism of the limbic
brain and removes any reflexion by putting the human being at the state of
object. For example, the voluntary or involuntary repetition of a desire,
of a hope which evacuates the faith: "I will be happy! ", "I will be free!
", "I am a slave! ", "God exists! ", "God does not exist! ". This
conditioning can be an imposed conditioning or then a car conditioning.

Seventh concept, that that we present in this book and which is opposed to
the second concept. It is a system proportional with an exponential level.
Thus without zero.






a) To define a method of simplified analysis of the experimental curves
and to identify the number of factors influencing the analyzed curves.

b) To determine a number without dimension which will be characteristic of
each one of these factors and which will be found in the other analyses
utilizing these factors.

c) To release itself from the concept of quantity which is one of the
great problems of modern biochemistry, because the purified products are
extremely expensive and sometimes even rare.

d) To pass from an analysis on two dimensions to an analysis on a
dimension, because the base of time is considered in the method as being
the variation itself. This simplifies calculations largely.

e) To use a simple method, accessible to all without having to call upon
the complex mechanisms of the regulation by using a method of bringing
together of the intervals to identify the points of the curve of

Example of application :

We have chooses to present an analysis on recognized independent data. We
found them on Internet site :

in a file xls named : chutamortie.

The choice of this example comes because of the form from the curves which
corresponds has a form that I often met as a practitioner my trade, which
is the regulation.

In first the analysis notices is carried out in this case on a phenomenon.
It is about the displacement of the matter of a place of space to another
under the action of a force. Our objective is to include/understand how
this displacement is carried out. In other words, we do not seek that to
write a mathematical model representing the phenomenon, we seek a
mathematical model who emphasizes the principal forces influencing this

In second remark, it measurement are taken on two dimensions, but the
footbridge of times proposed makes it possible to write the equations on
only one dimension.

In third remark, the measured values result from a particular measure,
therefore under particular conditions. These particular conditions go
given the laws observed or operation.

In fourth remark, we work on systems naturally stable, because once
maximum speed reached that this remains constant. We do not work on
positioning in space. We can say according to our knowledge which this
stable state is obtained with the balance of two forces opposite, which
are the attraction and the resistance of the fluid in which the experiment

The measured values are :

We can say that the variation appears between initial balance and final
balance, and, by seeing the shape of the curve built using the points of
measurements, we can say that the factor dominating is form : signal
(speed) = équilibre(état) initial + k.(1-exp(-t/jo))

où k est la constante du nouvel équilibre =
état(éq.) initial + D, avec D est la différence entre niveaux initial et

By supposing that only one factor intervenes, we can say that the value jo
will be given to 63% of the variation (Broida). But this case is rather
rare and improbable because we often have several disturbing factors,
which interact unceasingly with the system. In other words, we can say
that instantaneous speed interacts with the forces which create the
movement, which names, in regulation, the unit return. This last is
written the shape of the signal mathematically that we proposed above.
Moreover we can say that the damping ratio of the beginning, or the factor
which delays starting, appears on curves of highher degree of accuracy.
The principal encountered problem is to determine how the self-regulation
of the phenomenon intervenes. Is this two or several functions in series
which are followed or is this a function integrated in another function,
in other words, OJ is not makes a new function of it? According to Broida
one can bring back a function of the nth order to a function delay in
factor of a first order function. That simplifies calculations for the
needs for the regulation, however our objective is very different. We want
to identify the principal factors dominating, intervening over the
phenomenon. It is possible to use the method of calculation of Broida to
determine the function delay and that which makes it possible to determine
the value jo when we have only one factor of action.

By using the footbridge of times (regular linear time about the
exponential real time, i.e. that of the variation), the mathematical
expression becomes :

Pour la courbe : vitesse instantanée = vitesse initiale + vitesse maximale
( 1 - exp ( -t/jo))

d'où : vitesse = 0,278 ( 1 - exp ( - t/ jo )), avec jo = 1 (environs)

If we observe with more precision the first two points of the curve, we
realize that OJ is in fact the result of a function which is not other
than the representation of a new factor jo' influencing the reaction
already represented, because jo varies. In other words, jo is written :

jo = k’ ( 1 - exp ( -t / jo’’ ))

Avec jo’’ facteur caractéristique du démarrage.

Mais cet aspect n’est pas celui recherché ici.

Il est à noter que cette deuxième boucle n'est apparente que sur les deux
premiers points de la courbe.

While returning in the usual temporal reference mark for the measured
curve, this expression enables us to write speed = 0.278*(1- (e^(-t / jo))),
mais nous remarquons que plusieurs forces interviennent (frottement,
attraction). This induces that we must initially identify the value or
function jo.

Identification of the function :

We have two forces representing each one a function which varies in a
manner dependent. This is written according to my method :

(vitesse max.) * (1 - (e^(-(temps) / ((attraction)- (résistance du

In other words:=0,278*(1-(EXP(-temps)/(0,9676-(0,4676*(1-EXP(-(temps)/1)))))))

Method taught with the CNAM, by bringing together of the intervals.
Required goal 0.209 à 0.95 et 0.243 à 1.3

In court of realization

initial time initial speed = ..m/s

vitesse (mesuré) = ..m/s

t = 0,05s speed (measured) = 0,014 m/s

speed modelled = 0,01432967 m/s

t = 0,10s speed (measured) = 0,028m/s

speed modelled = 0,02854196 m/s

t = 0,15s speed (measured) = 0,0418m/s

speed modelled = 0,04257084 m/s

t = 0,20s speed (measured) = 0,0555m/s

speed modelled = 0,05635453 m/s

t = 0,25s speed (measured) = 0,0690m/s

speed modelled = 0,0698362 m/s

t = 0,30s speed (measured) = 0,0821m/s

speed modelled = 0,08296451 m/s

t = 0,35s speed (measured) = 0,0949m/s

speed modelled = 0,09569404 m/s

t = 0,40s speed (measured) = 0,107m/s

speed modelled = 0,10798557 m/s

t = 0,45s speed (measured) = 0,119m/s

speed modelled = 0,11980621 m/s

t = 0,50s speed (measured) = 0,131m/s

speed modelled = 0,13112944 m/s

t = 0,55s speed (measured) = 0,142m/s

speed modelled = 0,14193498 m/s

t = 0,60s speed (measured) = 0,152m/s

speed modelled = 0,15220857 m/s

t = 0,65s speed (measured) = 0,162m/s

speed modelled = 0,16194169 m/s

t = 0,70s speed (measured) = 0,171m/s

speed modelled = 0,17113114 m/s

t = 0,75s speed (measured) = 0,180m/s

speed modelled = 0,17977861m/s

t = 0,80s speed (measured) = 0,188m/s

speed modelled = 0,18789018 m/s

t = 0,85s speed (measured) = 0,196m/s

speed modelled = 0,19547584 m/s

t = 0,90s speed (measured) = 0,203m/s

speed modelled = 0,20254889 m/s

t = 0,95s speed (measured) = 0,209m/s

speed modelled = 0,20912549 m/s

t = 1,00s speed (measured) = 0,215m/s

speed modelled = 0,21522411 m/s

t = 1,05s speed (measured) = 0,221m/s

speed modelled = 0,22086503 m/s

t = 1,10s speed (measured) = 0,226m/s

speed modelled = 0,22606993 m/s

t = 1,15s speed (measured) = 0,231m/s

speed modelled = 0,2308614 m/s

t = 1,20s speed (measured) = 0,235m/s

speed modelled = 0,23526261 m/s

t = 1,25s speed (measured) = 0,239m/s

speed modelled = 0,23929697 m/s

t = 1,30s speed (measured) = 0,243m/s

speed modelled = 0,24298781 m/s

t = 1,35s speed (measured) = 0,247m/s

speed modelled = 0,24635815 m/s

t = 1,40s speed (measured) = 0,250m/s

speed modelled = 0,24943048 m/s

t = 1,45s speed (measured) = 0,252m/s

speed modelled = 0,25222657 m/s

t = 1,50s speed (measured) = 0,255m/s

speed modelled = 0,25476739 m/s

t = 1,55s speed (measured) = 0,257m/s

speed modelled = 0,25707296 m/s

t = 1,60s speed (measured) = 0,259m/s

speed modelled = 0,25916227 m/s

t = 1,65s speed (measured) = 0,261m/s

speed modelled = 0,26105327 m/s

t = 1,70s speed (measured) = 0,263m/s

speed modelled = 0,26276284 m/s

t = 1,75s speed (measured) = 0,264m/s

speed modelled = 0,26430675 m/s

t = 1,80s speed (measured) = 0,266m/s

speed modelled = 0,26569969 m/s

t = 1,85s speed (measured) = 0,267m/s

speed modelled = 0,26695531 m/s

t = 1,90s speed (measured) = 0,268m/s

speed modelled = 0,26808621 m/s

t = 1,95s speed (measured) = 0,269m/s

speed modelled = 0,26910403 m/s

t = 2,00s speed (measured) = 0,270m/s

speed modelled = 0,27001946 m/s

t = 2,05s speed (measured) = 0,271m/s

speed modelled = 0,27084229 m/s

t = 2,10s speed (measured) = 0,272m/s

speed modelled = 0,27158148 m/s

t = 2,15s speed (measured) = 0,273m/s

speed modelled = 0,27224522 m/s

t = 2,20s speed (measured) = 0,273m/s

speed modelled = 0,27284095 m/s

t = 2,25s speed (measured) = 0,274m/s

speed modelled = 0,27337542 m/s

t = 2,30s speed (measured) = 0,274m/s

speed modelled = 0,27385479 m/s

t = 2,35s speed (measured) = 0,275m/s

speed modelled = 0,27428461 m/s

t = 2,40s speed (measured) = 0,275m/s

speed modelled = 0,2746699 m/s

t = 2,45s speed (measured) = 0,276m/s

speed modelled = 0,27501521 m/s

t = 2,50s speed (measured) = 0,276m/s

speed modelled = 0,27532463 m/s

t = 2,55s speed (measured) = 0,276m/s

speed modelled = 0,27560187 m/s

t = 2,60s speed (measured) = 0,276m/s

speed modelled = 0,27585024 m/s

t = 2,65s speed (measured) = 0,277m/s

speed modelled = 0,27607273 m/s

t = 2,70s speed (measured) = 0,277m/s

speed modelled = 0,27627203 m/s

t = 2,75s speed (measured) = 0,277m/s

speed modelled = 0,27645056 m/s

t = 2,80s speed (measured) = 0,277m/s

speed modelled = 0,27661049 m/s

t = 2,85s speed (measured) = 0,277m/s

speed modelled = 0,27675374 m/s

t = 2,90s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27688208 m/s

t = 2,95s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27699706m/s

t = 3,00s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27710007 m/s

t = 3,05s speed (measured) = 0,278 m/s

speed modelled = 0,27719238 m/s

t = 3,10s speed (measured) = 0,278 m/s

speed modelled = 0,27727511 m/s

t = 3,15s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27734925 m/s

t = 3,20s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27741571m/s

t = 3,25s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,2774753 m/s

t = 3,30s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27752873 m/s

t = 3,35s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 27757664 m/s

t = 3,40s speed (measured) = 0,278m/s

speed modelled = 0,27761961m/s

We can observe that the model suggested makes it possible to follow
exactly the measured curve.

Observation we can recognize an exponential standard form with the curve.
This form is of the type y = k ( 1 – exp ( - t / jo ))

The characteristic of this type of curve is to be able to describe only
functions of a state of balance to another. In other words, this type of
curve makes it possible to describe the passage of a state particular to
another. By developing the reasoning we can think that this passage, this
variation has its own base of time. This particular base of time, seems to
us to be a tool interesting for the continuation of our research. In other
words, we seek a corrective measure at a base of time logarithmic curve
based on the rotation of a particular planet. In other words still, our
objective is to separate us from one of two dimensions of measurement so
as to highlight the factors intervening in the variation or studied
phenomenon. To clarify the proposal, we have information which is given to
us using two dimensions, the first the variation itself and the second
which is the base of time of our planet. We decide to separate us from the
base of time of planet, to replace it by the base of time of the
variation. By observing the curve, we can say that the base of time of our
planet is a base studied logarithmic curve for the phenomenon.

Results and Discussed :

We presented the mathematical model at measurements of the experiment and
we noted that it appeared a number without dimension characteristic of the
measured objects. In other words, the analyzed curves can be well written
in the form suggested, and they confirm the method because of
identification of the factors influencing the phenomenon. Although the
method results from the observation, we recognize in the shape of this
curve one of the applications used in regulation. This application is
named the unit return, and indicates that the product finished influence
the initial product. This remark creates a bond between two sciences quite
distinct, biology and the regulation, we notice however that their steps
and their goals are different and that it is thus necessary to adapt the
concept of regulation to be defined what is, in opposition to its concept
which seeks a modeling of what we want. Thus several slightly modified
basic formulas could enable us to better define the biological phenomena.
In example the function delay described by Broida.

Method :

The method finds its justification in regulation, but our goal here work
only on the observation, and the application of this observation in a
simple way.

We use the method of the intervals to determine the value of OJ. In other
words we grant to OJ a value randomly, and let us change it by bringing us
closer so as to obtain the measured value, for each time chooses.

We use the method of the intervals to determine the value of OJ. In other
words we grant to OJ a value randomly, and let us change it by bringing us
closer so as to obtain the measured value, for each time chooses. If we
obtain a constant value for OJ, this wants to say that only one factor is
identifiable on this curve.

Abbreviation :

t : time in second reference mark of the base of time of planet.

Y = k ( 1-exp(-t/jo)) : footbridge of times (diagram of the unit return
without harmonics)

k : value of the new state of balance, is appeared as a plate.

Jo : numbers without dimension characteristic of the studied factor.


Annotation: The analysis results from a personal step, thus the values
indicated result from the reading of an experimental measurement.


Of share the demonstration, the many objectives are carried out, it
remains however to refine the method for the many particular cases that
nature presents to us. We can also think that this method intervening on a
key parameter of the majority of our measurements, could be of a great
utility in many sciences.

Hypothesis on time